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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Windows 8.1 Product Cd Key Update Free Download

Download Windows 8.1 Thin - Dark V11.8 Black Hats + Activator

  • ISO Testing
  • Added Nmap Manual
  • Module names assigned
  • Disabled Windows Action Center
  • Script Cleanup for Shortcuts.bat
  • Added Media Player Classic 1.7.6 x64
  • Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Alpha 4
  • Removed Office 2013 Pro Plus (and script)
  • Added a 30 second wait timer to the starter
  • Starter.bat bumped up to 1.11 bc of wait timer
  • Used a different base Image to pull this one off
  • Office 2013 Pro Plus X64 Added (using config.xml)

Windows Xp Professional Service Pack Free Download

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